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Over the past twenty years, the Healthy Oils Company (HOC) has been at the forefront of the best-selling financial reports in the Middle East. The company was established in 2001 by my grandfather, where it was inherited until I became its sole owner. The Healthy Oils Company produces and refines olives oil, and then distributes them to restaurants, hotels, and wholesale markets. After the company became under my management, HOC’s marketing team decided that sales would be amplified and increasing by providing a new sales channel for non-commerce markets like charities, mosques, and human rights institutes.

HOC develops many kinds of olives oil in a different range of qualities and sizes, from quality respective, there are two types of oil that HOC manufacturing, the most expensive one is extra virgin olives oil which is generated by cold squeeze without the use of acids or iteration methods, in another hand, we have the cheapest type is regular olive oil which is a mixture of refined olive oil using mechanical and thermal processes, in addition to a small amount of extra virgin olive oil.

Target Market Statement

HOC developed strategic marketing for non-commerce users with considering 4P’s (Product, Promotion, Place, Price), we provided olive oil products in small packages that meet the needs of the consumer since the consumers in the non-profit organizations are individuals where our olive oil will be served in their daily meals. In addition, we promote free extra packages for each dozen boxes well delivered to the end consumer by our professional drivers at a reasonable price less than the competitor’s price by 5%.

Competitor Mission Statement

HOC’s competitors such as Savola-Afia which produce to make their products accessible for everyone. They are selling both individually and wholesale in big packages with a minimum of 250 ml which are difficult to consumed-off by individuals. We are introducing even small packages which are easy to consume off even in customers’ homes, work and outside the home.

After performing a SWOT analysis, HOC’s learned that our biggest strengths are our capacity to deliver a high-quality and balanced product. Our weakness is the diversity of our non-profit consumers, which can be improved if we enhance connectivity and reach to more clients.

Value Proposition

Since olive oil provides a variant range of health benefits in improve skin health, hair, and nails, and “fantastic source of antioxidants and healthy fats” (Olive Wellness Institute, 2020, para. 2), HOS’s proposition value is to replace the poisonous oil with olive oil to protect your family.


We guarantee that all HOS’s olive oil products are manufactured to the highest standards of cleanliness and protection. We are still concerned with the atmosphere and will comply with all environmental and health regulations.


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