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Almarai Company was established in 1977 in Saudi Arabia. Almarai is the largest vertically integrated dairy company in the world, and the largest in the production and distribution of food and beverages in the Gulf Cooperation Council, the brand occupies the first place in the classification of consumer goods brands in the Middle East and North Africa, as well as the leadership of its products in all markets of the Gulf Cooperation Council. 

Almarai represents the main brand of Almarai, which enjoys a wide global reputation. Through the brand “Almarai”, the company provides a variety of foods and beverages, starting from fresh and long-term dairy products, in addition to a range of yogurt products, sweets, cheeses, baked goods, and varied packages of fresh Juices. 

Marketing Mix 


Vital is a nutritional product containing milk from natural ingredients. The product is containers of milk of different sizes and different shapes, it may be in the form of a carton package, and it may also be in the form of a glass package, the materials from which the carton, bottle, or plastic is made from materials intended for preserving food products and the most important specifications and characteristics of the product are that of Natural products that have great benefit as it has a good and delicious flavor, often, since it is still fresh, there is an expiration date on the box. 


The stage of product promotion is the stage through which effective communication is found between the buyer and the merchant so that the buyer is convinced of the product and its many benefits. The promotional mix consists of print, audio, or visual ads, in addition to electronic and other advertising media. Moreover, the promotion aims to achieve many goals, including achieving a high percentage of profits in a short time, ensuring that the product is purchased quickly by consumers, and working to achieve the highest rates of product sales. 


Almarai will distribute this product to many merchants and consumers in large quantities, as the company may create websites for merchants to use in the purchase process and they submit order quantities through it, in addition to providing many sales representatives to carry out the distribution and sales process. 


A strategy for pricing the product is developed based on the qualitative differences that arise between customers and working on setting the lowest price of the competition, as well as working to provoke buyers and attract customers to try a sample of the product, which increases the rate of success and spread in the respective society. Furthermore, the company will set a low price at the beginning of the product when arriving at the market so that all individuals in the community can obtain this product so that the company guarantees that the demand for this product will be great, taking into account that the price will cover storage, packaging and also the revenue, the price of the product will be 1$, on the other hand, the competitors’ prices for the similar product between 1.2$ and more. 

Value Proposition 

Almarai Company has been providing high-quality food and health products to consumers under one promise “Quality You Can Trust” (Almarai, 2021). 


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